Summer Party

As it is our last week in Nursery we decided to have a Summer Party! We dressed in clothes for Summer and had lots of fun in our ‘beach’ outside. We made sand castles and some of us even buried our legs! There was a giant inflatable football which we loved to kick and we enjoyed blowing bubbles and had

Sports Day

We had lots of fun at our Nursery Sports Day! We divided into three teams which were the Hedgehogs, Rabbits and Tortoises. We then took part in lots of different races including the obstacle race, quoit on the head, bean bag on a bat and a running race. We finished our sports day with a medal ceremony, where we were

Parachute Fun!

We had fun playing parachute games! Our favourite game was ‘cat and mouse’. One child was a ‘mouse’, under the parachute and the other child was the ‘cat’, on top of the parachute. The ‘cat’ had to try and catch the ‘mouse’ whist the rest of us made giant ‘waves’ using the parachute. It was great fun!

Herbert Art Gallery Assembly

This morning we were fortunate enough to have a guest speaker come to talk to us about the history of our city. We learnt all about ‘Coventry firsts’ including a famous Tudor banquet, the invention of the jet engine and Coventry City joining the 1st division under the management of Jimmy Hill.

‘Dog’ Agility Course

In nursery we have been thinking about how animals move in different ways. We enjoyed watching some dogs complete an agility course at Crufts. We decided to set up our own ‘agility’ course in our outdoor area. The children enjoyed weaving around cones, crawling through a tunnel, climbing over crates and balancing on our climbing equipment.