Living Eggs Days 6-10

Well, our ‘Living Eggs’ project has now finished and 9 healthy chicks have left our school and gone to live on local free-range farms. It was a very busy week, as can be seen from these photographs. The chicks needed lots of care and attention this week and all of our children had the opportunity to hold them. The reactions

Living Eggs Day 5

Day 5 is now over and it has been another very busy day indeed, ending with 9 healthy hatched chicks. One egg, unfortunately showed no signs of hatching. Many children were very lucky and witnessed at least one hatching and some have already actually handled and stroked the chicks. All the chicks are now housed in our brooder box, kept

Living Eggs Day 4

Well, what a day at school today! Eight Chicks have hatched, the first at around 6am, in a very quiet school, and the last at home-time, at around 3.30pm, when the Year 5 corridor was slightly less quiet! It was an amazing experience for the children, many of whom were lucky to witness a hatching as it happened.