Frozen Bears

30th January, 201 Frozen Bears It has been a very frosty and cold week and when we came to nursery we discovered 3 of our bears had frozen in some ice! We therefore had to decide the best way to get them out. After much discussion we decided to put one frozen bear in warm water, one on the window

What’s in the Box?

What’s in the Box? This week in nursery we had a mystery box. The children had to put their hand in and try and describe what they could feel. Some of the things hidden in the box included marshmallows, cotton wool, soil, bark from a tree and jelly. The children thought of some great describing words including ‘slimy’, ‘squishy’, ‘soft’,

Christmas Party!

18th December We had lots of fun at our Christmas party! Santa came and gave us all a present. We also enjoyed being entertained by one of Santa’s little helpers. The elf was very funny and did lots of silly things which made us laugh. We enjoyed eating some tasty food and finished the party by playing musical statues and

Can we explore it?

10th January, 2019 Our new topic for this half term is called, Can we explore it? We therefore decided to explore our outdoor classroom by looking for good places to hide. We then played ‘hide and seek’ where the children hid, and the adults had to count and try and find them. Some of the hiding places included behind a


In Nursery we have been learning our numbers from 1-10. We have been counting how many pictures we have and then matching them to the correct number. We have also been singing lots of different number songs including ‘5 currant buns in a bakers shop’ and ‘5 little speckled frogs’.