year 5 so far

So far in year 5,which has been incredible,we have learned about a lot of subjects/topics.

One of my favourite subjects has been descriptive writing because it allows us to excel in what we have been learning about in etymology and dictionary work that we have done in the past.We did descriptive writing about a secret garden and what you did when you got there.

Another thing we did was Fair Trade posters and we used ipads to find out about which companies are Fair Trade and which ones aren’t. The posters we created were colourful  and we read a text to help us find out more about Fair Trade.We also did an anti-bullying poster in anti-bullying week.

We have been watching Dynasties to help us learn about life cycles of animals such as Hedgehogs and Bats. We have watched two programs which were about about Painted Wolves and Penguins.

At the start of the term,we did a rollercoaster shape poem.Although difficult and challenging,I was very impressed what I ended up with,which was not very good anyway,.One of the challenging was to get the right shape and turning the paper upside down.

We also  learned about food on the Tesco website and where is comes from.  This was part of our allotment topic, we also learnt about different types of farming styles.  We explored English counties and matched different farming styles with each one.  These included: arable farming, cattle farming, hill sheep farming and market gardening.